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Dysfunction Junction Demo #1
An idea in progress, crank this f*** er up!
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VMP 2017
August 05, 2017
MP3 3.7 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:14 minutes
Story behind the song
An idea in progress, Kenny from The Tools might add some leads later on but here's this in all it's RAW beauty! Thanks to Kamandanu Wijaya for the drums.
Dysfunction Junction Demo #1 All I truly need is my tent and weed, Some rot gut V and a jug where I can pee. Been so God damn long I've forgotten what cash is, My daughters don't know who the fuck Kate Nash is. There's the sweetest girl at work that I'm really into, But she deserves a heart that ain't black and blue. Always try to fulfill obligations, Cause I fit right in this dysfunctional nation......dude.
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