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Jeanchristophe Ballarini
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Finchley, ENG  United Kingdom Joined April 2020
It is thought that the quetzal could not be bred or held for any long time in captivity, and indeed it was noted for usually killing itself soon after being captured or caged. For this reason the Quetzal is a traditional symbol of liberty. Experienced, inspired and open minded musician (saxophones, piano, keyboards, percussions, guitares, flute, MAO, composer...) for more than 20 years with project like the Urban Travellers or the Celebration of Quetzal, Jean-Christophe is willing to share an intimate universe via music mixing organic and electronic instruments. It is a universe filled with creativity, improvisation and contemplation. A place without bounds, without borders, without frontiers (of any kind). Just pleasure and freedom. So, Enjoy the music, Enjoy Freedom and Enjoy Life simplement... https://jean-christopheballarini.bandcamp.com/follow_me