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www.minkfranchise.com The Haven for REAL Artist and Music Listeners....
The Mink Media Franchise is a place where artists of all genres can come "spread their wings" as we relieve and prepare them for the pressures of life, business, and art that oppose their fuselage. At The Mink Media Franchise we know that opposing pressures are inherent to the physics of the Law of Lift, so we take full advantage of those forces. We improve artists' aerodynamics while helping them chart a course and take off!!! We do this by helping them refine their chosen design for their craft while providing them with the personalized and contoured assistance they require to navigate their individual atmosphere (i.e. mindsets, market influence, competition, business constraints, etc.) For artists to create the music traveling violently through their veins, we design the vehicle around the artist according to the artist and the atmosphere that they were meant/desire to navigate, enabling them as the pilot to reach their highest height and extend their time of flight. Our Goal is to benefit the Music and Music Industry by BENEFITING THE ARTIST!!!!! We take the licks a starving artist normally would. We hope, by the time we (if ever we do) part ways, to have aided the individual's personal and musical growth. This environment is created by artist that are producers, engineers, photographers, etc. and not vice-versa, so we are very “in tune” to our artists' needs and are eons away from trying to push an agenda of shredding and warping artist purely to capitalize off of a product that's not "their" product or true to their musical creativity. Our agenda is "Love"… for artist and listeners!!! Come Join Us!!!!!!! www.minkfranchise.com