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Arlen G Clemons
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@Mr Grant
Redlands, CA  USA Joined July 2010
I love music! Creating, playing, recording, mixing, mastering you name it!!! I love music and the modern process of making music! I'm creative at the core and enjoy "the journey". It's the journey that makes the music. I love many different genres, but my passion is jazz (smooth jazz). I love to listen to other artists and can really appreciate when an artist is enjoying their craft. when that comes across in someone's music you can't help but bob your head and pat your feet! Music makes you move!!! :-)
When we were6 Sep 20, 2019 Mood: adored
Mr Grant - When We Were 6 Do you remember being a kid? a 6 year old with no inhibitions? Nothing to worry about? Nothing to fear? Did you have a friend that you were close to? We're they your "bestest" friend ever? Made you feel like you could tell them anything... That's what this song is all about.. The relationship I have with my wife is like that. I can imagine one of us on a swing. The other pushing. We're both singing and laughing. Time just slips away.