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nathaniel oglesby
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holland, MI  USA Joined February 2009
what it is soundclick fam, my name is nate and i am 28 years old and i am a beginner beatmaker and i am originally from detroit, michigan but currently reside in a small town on the westernside of the state. i have always been into music and have always wondered how songs were made from instrumentation, vocals, lyrics etc. i am just doing as a hobby, but maybe one day if im nice with it maybe this could be a new career. I my inspirations: my father nathaniel howard sr. r.i.p., my mother teresa oglesby r.i.p., dr. dre, battlcat, swizz beatz, heatmakerz, ron browz, m5, timbaland, quincy jones, curtis mayfield, my homeboy boonie mayfiend aka boon doc, fat trak, just blaze, dj quik, johnny j r.i.p., daz dillinger, da drizzle, my home girl rayn,hedtec, metamophisis, dtwonsboy, kingidivine, knocksquared, fat trak, boon doc, all hard working and determined and innovative and creative producers that push their musical genius to new levels. My dad was a bass guitar player and knew alot of motown aartis to name the original temptations with eddie kendricks, blue, otis, david ruffin and even introduced them to my family where i curren tly reside. i always dreamed of producing music but being younger couldnt afford the equipment. shout to all the youtube producers that i learn from and became friends with since 2007 too many to name fam and shout to all my fans and frirends on soundclick.