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noglesby beatz
Born in Detroit, Michigan and lived there untill 1998 after both of my parents pased. my father played the bass guitar and knew and became frends with the tempt
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Late Nite Rendezvous
whats good soundclick fam, my name is nate and i am originally from detroit michigan but moved to a small town with family in 99' after both of my parents passed. i am a novice dj but have always wanted to be a producer, i would always listen to wjlb in detroit and wondered how a given song was created, instruments, vocals, lyrics, melodies etc. my father was a bass guitar player and knew alot of the motown artist like the temptations. etc and my cousin is a gifted piano player, with talent u wouldnt believe, i guess i am hoping my talent can lie somewhere lol. shout out to boonie mayfield aka boon doc, mr.deedz1, onederkid, dtownsboy, rayn, fat trak, hedtec for making such inspiring utube tutorials and vids in general. i used to listen to the radio in detroit, wjlb and wonder how songs were constructed and arranged from instruments to vocals to melodies and the like, so my cousin came to visit me last year and he played me some of songs he had recorder which he raps, i played some beats for him and he like them, so my aunt and uncle came to visit earlier this year and i sent him a beat cd or a copy of my beat tape but am waiting to hear from him on working on a project with him so that is in the works and also me and the homie elaborate are working on a mixtape as well.
Band/artist history
started making beats in 2007 after seeing boon doc on the mpc 1k so after that i saved up for like four months to buy my mpc 1k the black one like he uses. started teaching myself how to use it along with help from my man digga at onlinebeattutor.com which is like the youtube of beatmaking vids of which he does tutorials on everything about beatmaking. and when u send him a message he actually responds and all of my youtube friends, metamophisis, hedtec, rayn, twistls, knocksquared, tqvision ( he was the first one to use one of my beats), boon doc, fat track, king i divine, antoinebigant, djah808,dtownsboy,era 313, grrregsp, hustlemoney records, imastarrah, jk-47, johnnie dynamite, and too many more to name i have like 114 friends on you tube and to all my soundclick fans and friends.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i am currently learning to play the drums but am interested in learing bass and piano
Your musical influences
producers:j.dilla, dj premier, black milk, digga, swizz beats, timbaland, dr.dre, scott storch, battlecat, the heatmakers, nick speed, warren g, boon doc, fat trak, rayn, joe d. law,black milk, digga, just blaze, kanye west, focus, khao, 9th wonder, kwame, ty fyffe, treble makerz, beats by the pound aka the medicine men, don cannon, bangladesh, khrysis, nick da 1da, dj dez, terrence martin, jelly roll, fredreck, dj quick, ron browz, alchemist
What equipment do you use?
mpc 1000, adobe audition 2.0 3.0, cubase le 4, and n-track studio 6 to track my beats out, audacity to chop samples stantion t.60x turntable, gemini ps 01 dj mixer, gemini cdj - 02 cd player, 1000 wat technical hi-fi amplifier and two gem sound speakers, various records and cds, various drum kits and drums i have choped from breaks myself.
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