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Camden, NJ  USA Joined December 2008
I don't ever really have much to say in these "About Me" sections. I'm a music artist. I write lyrics and try to produce tracks. I haven't really gotten the production thing down yet but I've been writing since I was 12. Never had any plans. I just love making music. I would like to take it a little farther but I haven't been able to for reasons such as not having a good quality mic or just not being able to find a studio to record at. Then, people who don't make music don't realize how it costs to get yourself off the ground but they're always wanting to hear your music instead of "a cappella" vocals. That's why my music didn't have great quality. But, I am on my feet now and I promise there will be no let down. Sorry for the wait everyone but if you're a REAL fan then you understand. To all artists, I am open to collabs. Until then, hope you like what you hear.