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Richard Domina
@reckless gents
Brattleboro, Vermont  USA Joined October 2007
A collection of soul snap-shots from the front lines of everyday life
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Sep 28, 2011
Hey Rick, here I am again. Thanks for your station add and nice comments. I'm glad you like "Geheimnis" that much. I listened to your station as well and found "New York City Taxi" of The Monterey Fire. That track reminded me very much on a Belgian band, called Deus. Just try them, I'm sure you like it. Bey, Alexander
Sep 26, 2011
Hello Rick, Here is another board-refreshing message. Thanks for your private message. Why didn't you post it on my message board? Have a nice week. Greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
Sep 11, 2011
Hello Rick, I see it is working! There are very old messages on your board, out of the middle ages, so let me post a new one on 9/11. If you have got questions, you can always go to the SoundClick staff (on your friends list) and they will help you. Have a nice day and many greetings from Belgium, Alexander.
Mar 02, 2010
Whoa dude...slow down....what are you trying to do, make me look funky in a bad way? Your new track is, well, a reckless gem! Keep up the great work. BTW the BG vocals really kick it all up a notch.
Dec 03, 2009
Most of the messages here seem a bit self serving though nice. I mean not much mention about what you do. So I thought I might praise you for making what I find , the most refreshing music I've yet to hear on soundclick. Really innovative, original and inspiring. I hope that you continue to create!
Feb 26, 2009
Hey Yes Man!
Aug 28, 2008
Richard- Just a quick note, I've got a new song....an experimental electronic/world fusion type called "Gazing ICU Infinit Blue (Life's Good)". Hope all is well for you, take care and keep in touch. Ryan Henke
Aug 09, 2008
Hey Richard, Thanks so much for adding my song FALLIN to your station. I appreciate your support and comments. Now I'm off to listen to some of your tunes. Later, Kevin
Jul 25, 2008
Richard - Thanks very much for adding 'Off and Running ver 2' to your station.. Mark & I really appreciate it man! Cheers, Larry Hansen
Jun 15, 2008
Hi Richard, Thank you for adding my songs to the station. Also very nice site. Congrats. Pablo