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jeff c
malibu, ca  USA Joined March 2007
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Dec 26, 2007
Hello jeff, :) Thank you.. Am glad you liked them. Wish you a Merry Christmas! Keep rocking Cheers, Marutham
Dec 24, 2007
I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year !!!
Sep 21, 2007
Hi Jeff, thanks for the add. A lot of quality tracks on your music page. Maybe some sounds are too "electric" here and there, but the music is fine. What a wide range. You're really talented, my friend. I think all you have to do is choose. Have a nice weekend! mael
Sep 01, 2007
Hey there. just stoped in to see how things were going.. Listened to some more of your wonderful music...And also noticed it was your B-day the 30th.. "Way Cool" Happy B-day and more to come ...:D..Age is just like a fine wine, the older ya get the better the" Quality "...:D... Hope you have a "Fantastic" weekend and keep up the good work on your music .It's realy lovely... Your Friend...xxDreamBladexx
Aug 14, 2007
Hey there...Your music is very soothing and it calms the inner feelings within..Your very talanted and keep up the good work...I will drop in from time to time and check out some more of your music..Your music imspires dreams and oh do I love to dream..lol..Keep up the good work... Yours Truely...:DxxDreamBladexx:D
Mar 16, 2007
Thanks for the add Jeff. "Famous Last Words" indeed. I'll find time to listen to your music over the weekend.