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Johan Hermansson
@Johan Hermansson
Arjeplog, Sweden Joined January 2004
Hi there! My name is Johan Hermansson and I was born 1965 and raised in the north of Sweden. Currently I'm working and living in Arjeplog. My interest in instrumental / electronic music started when I was about 12. It was then I bought my first record, "Platinum" by Mike Oldfield. The interest grew and I started listening to bands like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean Michelle Jarre, Kitaro, Tomita, Bjorn Json Lindh, Klaus Schulze, etc. I loved the way these musicians could tell a story, or paint pictures in my head with music only, without interesting lyrics. When I was between 16-18 I played drums and bass in local bands. It was not until I was around 25 I became serious about music composition. I bought my first synthesizer, a Roland D-50. A year later I bought an Atari computer and a Roland JV-30. With those and Steinberg Cubasis sequenser program I started composing my own music, and I haven't been able to stop since. So far I have finished five albums: "Stonereef Suite" 1995 on CD 2000. "Journey through Middle Earth" 1996 on CD 2000. "World Wide Web" 2000 on CD 2001. "Outer Galactic journey" 2002 on CD 2002. "Nightside of the City" 2006 on CD 2006. In addition to full length albums, Johan Hermansson / Dreamscapes Production also produces, licenses and provides music for Film, Television, Software, Games, multi-media project presentations, etc.
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Dec 23, 2008
Hi Johan! Merry Christmas and new year! I wish good luck! Victor.
Nov 30, 2008
Hey Johan! Long time ... Thought I'd pop in and share some news: The Nutcracker Suite Electronique goes Live in LA with the Santa Monica Contemporary Ballet! I've been working toward this for three years now, so I have to confess I'm pretty psyched. ;) So, if you happen to be in LA Dec 18-21, drop in and say howdy! Brète PS: What's new in your world? Drop by and fill me in!
Jul 20, 2008
Hi Johan! Thanks for listening to my music. I'm glad you liked it. Will be stopping by to listen to yours very soon. Heard it's summer for you. I¡m in the tropic side of the world and it's raining. Hope you'll have a wonderfull time. Love and admiration, Zilia
Apr 10, 2008
Hi Johan, thanks for the song adds! I appreciate your support! Have a good one! Eric
Mar 24, 2008
johan its scotty, please get in touch asap, re sky, friday 28/03/08, thanks for replying, ive been very worried about dorothy as she said shed contact me on arrival, i look forward to hearing how your all getting on , ron aka scotty
Feb 12, 2008
Hey Love...Was Thinking about you..Amoung other thing's ;)....And stayed a while listening to your music.. It always calms me down when I get to hyper...Only 16 more day's to go "Woooo Hooooo" boy oh boy I hope your ready I know I am:D... I love you deeply and miss you dredfully,,,, Your Adorable Wife....XXDreamBladexX
Jan 15, 2008
Hi Johan! thought I'd stop by to say Hi and to tell you about my new track "Trish". Let me know what you think. Eric
Jan 01, 2008
Hey love... Hope You had a great christmas and a very Happy New Year...I love and miss you...I love your music and hope you Produce a lot more.....Will be glad when Febuary gets here and you will be in my Loving arms onced again................ Your loving wife....XxDreamBladexX
Dec 25, 2007
Johan, I appreciate the warm wishes and I wish the same to you. Happy holidays, merry christmas, happy new year and stay safe. Best to you in 2008 and come back to visit us for new music. peace to you..DDT
Dec 24, 2007
Merry Cristmas and Happy New Jear !!!