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Dan Simmons
@Dan Simmons
Galesburg, Il.  USA Joined February 2007
Christian Composer/Songwriter Good old fashioned, hi-tech mid-western gospel music.
I am God's child...I am Hubert and Ermil's youngest son...I am Bob, Peg, Hugh, Kathy and Dixie's brother...I am M'Len's husband...Ian and Ambers father...Amanda's father-in-law...Cade's papaw... I am a retired firefighter, songwriter, musician and doxologist. I've have learned to take no blessing for granted and to see the hand of God in everything. Proverbs 3:5-6
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Jun 29, 2009
Hello Dan! We´d like to translate another song of yours to Finnish. I sent you an email about this. God bless you...your music is wonderful. Your songs have saved my day so many times. I´m so grateful to the Lord for your life and your ministry. With thanks, Lea
Dec 22, 2008
Hello Dan! Thank you for your friendship. Your songs have been a great encouragement and comfort to me many times during this year. Just now I´m listening to "I Live to Praise Your Name". Wow, what a beauty this song is! It brings my heart to praise Jesus, the Baby of Bethlehem, our Redeemer, the King of kings. What a sweet anointing this song has. Just wonderful :) I wish you a blessed, joyful, peaceful Christmas time! Lea
Dec 21, 2008
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for being a friend here at Soundclick, and we hope to get to know you more this coming year. Blessings, Robert Strom
Nov 02, 2008
Hello Dan, Welcome to my circle of friends :)
Oct 23, 2008
Hello Dan, Sorry it's taken me this long to find your member page. First I want to say that your music is outstanding and I have a number of your songs and instamentals on my station. Also dropping by to extend an invite to drop by my member page and check out my blogs and new slide show that you are a part of. I hope you will like it. Have a great day.
Sep 25, 2008
Great job on the song I Believe - very uplifting and powerful!
Jan 14, 2008
Great stuff Dan!! Amber has a wonderful voice too. love it!! God Bless, Deana :o)
Jan 01, 2008
Congratulations on your appointment as Associate Pastor, love your music. Happy New Year and may the Lord bless you and use you in the coming year! May we all be found faithfully serving Him until He returns! David Byers
Dec 31, 2007
Hello Dan, I wish you Happy and Blessed New Year 2008! I´m so thankful for the music you have freely given to God´s use - it´s a wonderful ministry and has encouraged me many many times during the last year and I´m sure it will do the same during this new year. Your friend and fan in Finland, Lea
Oct 25, 2007
Hi Dan, Thanks for the add. Tammy