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renee hartman
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USA Joined November 2007
Single, live in USA. Like both hard rock and country/bluegrass music. Loves animals, esp. cats. In my spare time, I also write song parodies and poems. I have just recently started writing original songs with the collaberation of a fellow Soundclick member, Billy Flack, a country singer/songwriter who lives in the United Kingdom.
Merry Christmas Bogus and Cloud 2010 Dec 24, 2010
Can't believe it's Christmas again already. Where has the time gone so fast? Here it is now 7 years later my beloved Khan. Hard to believe that 7 years have slipped by so fast since you left this world. Thank you for giving my heart back to me. I have been so lost and lonely for all this time until the morning I woke up and knew without a doubt that I was whole again inside. And thank you for watching over my precious Babygirl. What an unbelievable blessing and comfort she has turned out to be to me. Always thinking of you there at the Rainbow Bridge waiting patiently for me, looking after Cloud, your mom, brothers and even poor little Patches who is restored to full health and playing joyfully at the Bridge. Poor little guy, I'm so sorry I could not save him, but he was just too far gone. I tried, I really tried, but in the end all I could do was offer him food, water, and shelter until he was called home. Are you still chasing that nasty old red squirrel? Hope so, cause it serves him right for humiliating you like he did. Hope you even get a chance to bite him on the tail just to get even. Take care my beloved, one day I will see you again. For tonight I will light the white candle and play your song in rememberance. Cloud my sweet furangel, Tonight marks 2 years and 2 months since your untimely passing from this world. Sweetheart I miss you as we all do, and I am so sorry about the way you left this world. To the day I die, I will always wish that I could have been with you during you last moments. I can't help it that's the way I feel. It's just not fair that I was able to be with my beloved Khan, and even able to see Patches off from this world, but not able to be with our darling Cloud when it was his time to leave this world. Just not fair! But thank you with all my heart for the 4+ years of joy, comfort, love, and laughter that you brought to us. Please continue to keep Patches company and help Khan do his job there at the Bridge as you both wait paitently for us to join you at the Bridge when our times come. In the meantime, I will light your candle, play your song, and drink a cup of hot cocoa to you both in rememberance. I love you I love you I love you Your everloving human Mom