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Andrew Cowan
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Reidsville, NC  USA Joined January 2007
Excitement is a new Martin Acoustic Guitar! Oct 8, 2008
I have always been more of an electric guitar player, ptefering to save and spend my money on a nicer electric and worrying less about the acoustic side. I have owned many acoustic guitars and they have had nice sounds and payed decently, but I always treated my acoustics as practice instruments. Then I finally played a Martin and I woke up, quite suddenly. Wow, I had no idea an acoustic could sound so nice and feel so right. I made my first purchase and chose a Martin JC-16ME Aura and it sounds incredible. As soon as it arrived I started playing (finger-picking mostly) and the melody for 'Acoustic Boogie' came out pretty quickly. I started recording and I feel its very likely the best tune I have completed to date. Please have a listen if you get a chance and I'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback and even criticisms. Side note: I promised my little girl Abby that this would be a song for her, so it was named 'PP Boogie' or 'Pocket Pal Boogie' as she LOVES pocket pals. The song is posted as Acoustic Boogie here. -Andy