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Jacqueline Sharp
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Edinburgh, United Kingdom Joined April 2006
DJMUSICJAC - DJ, Radio Presenter, Music Interviewer, Recording Artist & Record Label Executive, A&R, 4way records, mexico My music genres are:- Eurodance, High Energy, Eurobeat, Italodisco, Italodance, DiscoDance, EuroPop, EuroDisco, EuroTechno, EuroTrance, EuroElectronica, Japanese Pop, Chinese Eurodisco, Mexican Eurodisco My hobbies are reviewing & interviewing music/drama/theatre/cabaret/dance/film. I have more playlists at YouTube, Muziik, Jamendo http://www.youtube.com/djmusicjac http://www.muziic.com/viewchannel.php?channel=djmusicjac http://www.jamendo.com/en/user/djmusicjac http://djmusicjac-eurodance-nrg-music-circle.blogspot.com/ Interests: Virtual DJ, Playlist Creator, Genres Specified Reviewer of Music, film, theatre, drama, culture I am a member of www.eurodancehits.com and www.musesmuse.com and support both these websites by contributing to forums, when i can!
NEWS - djmusicjac Eurodance and High Energy Music Circle Jul 15, 2009
Hi folks NEWS RELEASE Today, i created a new blog at blogspot djmusicjac Eurodance and High Energy Music Circle please join, it is related and linked to Soundclick and YouTube thanks djmusicjac https://djmusicjac-eurodance-nrg-music-circle.blogspot.com/