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Kinsman, OH  USA Joined February 2006
WELCOME TO MY OFFICE. I Love My Son, My Daughter, Their Spouses, My Granddaughter. If I have Peanut Butter, My own homemade Bread Apples Water Tea and veggies, I'm good. Favorite songs...GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY by Vaughn Monroe and YOU ARE MY ANGEL by Kurt Lewis Neufer. And of course, the Compositions of Mozart, Beethoven, and Johann Strauss Jr. My favorite singers are... MARY ZIGAREVICH, JOSH PATRICK, BARBRA STREISAND, EVAN PAUL, DANIEL LOUIS, GARY PUCKETT, KURT LEWIS NEUFER, MICHAEL DURAN, GABE STENZIANO, HARRY RICHMAN, MICHAEL DURAN, PAVEL CENGERY, THEODORE PATRICK, MIKE MARSHALL, JEANETTE MCDONALD, MARIA CALLAS, and BOW TRIPLETS. Mike Marshall, his family , I spend time pleasure listening as they are extremely talented. My favorite Guitarists : BRUCE ELLIOTT (SWAMPMAN) , MORTON GJERMUNDSEN, MICHAEL BENNETT, EVAN PAUL, IGOR ZOLOTUKHIN, PAVEL CENGERY, ZOZIMO, STEVE VAI, MICHAEL DURAN , ANDREW NEGOUSTOROV, and BRANDON GILFRIMAIZENZ My favorite drummers....RON TUTT and LARS ULRICH. My favorite Violinist....Volodja Balzalorsky My favorite bass guitarist.....JASON NEWSTED. My favorite Piano Players.....TONY WILLIAM, MY BROTHER THEODORE PATRICK, and LIBERACE. BE KIND TO ANIMALS!!!!!!!!
Spotlight Song
Stop The Violence
Roots reggae vibe...
Very beautiful song!!!!!!!
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