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steve ison
@steve i
Birmingham, United Kingdom Joined March 2003
My Music
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Mar 13, 2014
Hiya Steve Thanks very much for adding "SuperHero" to your station, I really appreciate the support 8). Best wishes from Mrcorbett!
Jan 18, 2014
Hi Steve Thanks for putting my song The Rain on your station, glad you enjoyed it. Really like your music, keep on composing! Phil
Oct 16, 2008
Steve, I'm happy about you adding my song to your radio station. Thanks for your words. Keep in touch. Jim
Jun 24, 2008
Hi Steve, Thanks so much for the friendship. Drop by anytime, G I G S
Feb 26, 2007
oh, ok. LoL delightful to hear from you Steve. you make such good music. always a pleasure to hear. keep makin' them guy! take care, and thanks for stopping by :)
Feb 08, 2007
hey Steve! didn't know you had so many pages here. gonna have to check them out. anywho, nice to see you around here.. love your music! take care...