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ABYSS Media Group
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USA Joined November 2005
ABYSS (A Band of Young Swift Soloists) is a family comprised of nine rappers (Mecca Dawn, Masterful Shabbar, Pnal, Blac Mist, Gilla, Soul Sorcerer, Vonstar Killaton, Zodiac Killah, A-Killah and Calico CS1 Smoke). This makes a total of eleven acts, ten solo acts and one as an entire group. Because each member's roots lie in such diverse parts of this country (New York, Chicago, Kansas City, Oakland, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Tacoma, Louisiana, LA, and even Hawaii), each member offers a distinct influence. The totality of these diverse influences creates, cultivates and sustains a strong sound. The songs, solely produced by ABYSS, offers an insight into the life, ideas and ideals of ABYSS, presented in truth, delivered with an unprecedented fluidity - these depictions serve as the voice of ABYSS. It is often said that ABYSS has been blessed with apocalyptic and prophetic attributes expressed deeply within its songs. Whether through freestyling or on a recording, in front of a live audience, or secluded off in the studio - with the innate ability to manifest raw unadulterated Hip-Hop, ABYSS proves to be among the creme de la creme. It is fact, clear and evident, that this industry awaits relief and refreshment from the monotonous and mediocre. The world impatiently awaits! With hard-hitting lyrics, diverse subject matter and lyrical content, and with a music style unlike any other, ABYSSMEN have the cure: The ABYSS!
The ABYSSMEN Aug 8, 2007
The Abyssmen "Its been a whole lot of years and very few tears, and the world ain't promised and them haters ain't honest. Loyal to my set that's it, we tight knit. Fuck you outsiders, dick riders, broke niggas, sidekicks." ABYSS... Infinite depth... That which is too complex to explain... A.M.G. (Abyss Media Group) Recording surpasses any and all that can be understood in one sitting. They possess an unmistakable talent, a ruling philosophy, an unquestionable confidence with an instinct for survival that only mirrors their eternal quest for excellence and perfection. Comprised of talent that includes writing, producing, straight rhyming, managing, marketing and promotions, AMG is ready to explode onto the scene with their hypnotic beats, persuasive voices, raw talent and versatility. Las Vegas, where AMG is based, is the well-known epicenter of the fight game, but it is home to the soon-to-be hottest, strongest, most talented "family" to enter the hip-hop industry. The previously released "Fight Night" and "Fight Night 2" was a way for all of that energy to come up out of Vegas", says Larry Lar, Vice-President of AMG, which brought the world the first ever successful fusion of hip-hop and boxing. "Fight Night", hosted by Lennox Lewis and featuring artist like tha Abyssmen, Too Short, Pauly X and Mitchy Slick, is the solid backing needed to enhance AMG's industry and street credibility. AMG ("The Brotherhood") was formed in paradise, Ohua, Hawaii, over ten years ago and was based upon common ideals found in all men; the love and respect for music and the power of truth as lived by a real family. Ranging in ages from 24-33 years old, the A.B.Y.S.S. family joined forces to form an unbreakable and unconditional bond portrayed in many of their songs. Migrating from every walk of life and from all corners of the country, The Abyssmen are comprised of 10 total acts; 9 solo acts and one as a group. AMG (The "A-Clique") consists of producers, entertainers and management; Lord Rule (Red), Black Gotti, A-Kilah, Blackju, Blac Mist, Burrell, Calico Smoke (CS1), C.L. Harvey (KC), Larry Larr (Dantana), P-Nal, Shake-Gilla, Truth Born. and other brothers residing across the globe. Each Man, a master of his craft and a dedicated soldier, contributes a unique style to keepThe Abyssmen sound unadulterated, uncensored and visionary. The abundance of raw talent from California, Chicago, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas City, Louisiana, Michigan, New York and New Jersey transforms every song written, produced, performed and distributed by AMG into a genuine masterpiece. Their words are prophecies, lessons, insights and dreams. They rhyme about what they have experienced in life, what they want and about the places they know are secured for them in the future. "Fight Night" validates their status... Tru contenders. Written by: Kristen Bykowski