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Luke Warmwater
@Lou Quarmwater
Jasper, AB  Canada Joined July 2005
Apparently it's NOT me .It's YOU...whew...what a relief!
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Jan 13, 2010
just wanna say i dig your stuff, great songwriting man keep up the good work. just cracked open my ibanez man its a piece of sh***, maybe one of these days i'll get my martin fixed.
Dec 24, 2008
I wanted to warn you about the space/time thing but it's too late now (that's the whole problem with these things) so Merry Christmas instead. I'll wish you a happy New Year a few hours ago if I haven't already. PEACE!
Nov 26, 2008
Great video Lou!! Thanks for stopping by my good man.
Nov 15, 2008
Hi Lou--Hope all is well in the great frozen (or soon-to-be) North. I've been hiding away like a mole in the ground, which btw, is the name of a tune I've just recorded & dedicated to my railroading buddies in SCS. Not, of course that any of you kind & gentle dudes would drink anyone's blood... Take care. MH
Sep 30, 2008
Thank you for the kind words, Luke. I've been enjoying your work on here...it's quite entertaining! :)
Dec 23, 2007
Hi Luke... Where you been hiding at? Don't let the cast of characters here get you down...cuz I miss your wit...and your music. Have a fantastic Holiday Season...and a Healthy and Musical 2008! Keep On Rocking! Hugs...Mike (NAV)
May 06, 2007
Hi Lou, I'm sorry - syrup has run dry - but I dare say mashed bananas are even better, in particular when combined with some mozarella... ;) So, please help yourself :) Angelika
Apr 15, 2007
Luke - I was really impressed with BAd Medicine and would like to take a shot at electrifying it if it's OK with you. PM me today if you get a chance - I'm tied up on bidness for the first bit of the week starting Monday AM, but if you get hold of me tonight, we'll talk. And thanx for stopping by my message board. You're note made my day! Interestingly, and you probably figgured this out, Soul Rock Steady is actually a religious song, but not in that way we've all come to associate them, if you take my meaning. Maybe it's more a spiritual song, but yeah, it's got a bit of an attitude - s'OK - God doesn't mind - it makes His day more interesting.
Feb 09, 2007
Thanx Keep up the good work See ya in heaven Cave Dweller
Jan 30, 2007
THanks for the add, Luke! Much appreciated. I guess I'll reconsider dying my hair now. It's not really gray, more like clear, I think. Peace, Jim