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Chuck Gibson
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Monticello, KY.  USA Joined January 2005
“Singing Evangelistic Ministries” is the last days ministry of Song Evangelist: Chuck Gibson also known as the “Singing Evangelist”. He is referred to as a song evangelist because; “he presents the Word in Song”. Chuck is not an entertainer, but a minister in song, and his ministry is operated for the soul purpose of promoting the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ. Twenty-Six years of music ministry is now part of the testimony behind this “Song Evangelist” also Known as “The Singing Evangelist” Chuck Gibson is actively involved in many facets of the Southern Gospel Music industry. He is currently the Chairman and Pulaski County “Chapter leader” of the A.C.M.A. (The American Christian Music Association) www.theacma.org And does his publishing through “Gibson Hill Music”. Which was formed five years ago by this Singer/Songwriter who spent three years in Nashville, “learning the business” from some of the top names in secular Country Music. Brother “Chuck” has been preaching the gospel for the most of the twenty-five years of this anointed ministry, and has been very busy about his Fathers business! He worked as a D.J. over W.O.B.O. 88.7 fm in his hometown of Batavia, Oh. Where he produced and hosted two radio programs, Sunday morning sunrise, and a Monday evening drive time program “traveling the highway home” He also hosted and helped
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