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USA Joined October 2004
I've been playing guitar for more than thirty years, but never professionally. Life, etc, has made it difficult for me to carve out the time to commit to a band, but jamming online with like-minded players has been a godsend for me. Self-trained, I used to think of myself as a rhythm guy, without the chops to play much lead... but after hundreds of recording efforts of lead wankery I'm a lot better than I was.
Primary recording methods used on my tracks Mar 21, 2007
Most of my tracks are leads recorded at home over public domain backing tracks created by fellow online jammers or by me. I have two small children and a wife, living in an urban condo, so micing an amp is an impractical method for me -- almost everything except the occasional acoustic track is recorded direct to a computer, "silently" within the home. The search for good tone using this method is an ongoing process. I 've progressed through a Digitech multi-fx pedal, a PodXT and on to a Damage Control Womanizer pedal as primary tone generatorsl to get the sound I'm after. Each of the tools I've tried within that quiet home limitation has its strengths and weaknesses. Most of my playing is clean to mildly overdriven blues, and I find the Womanizer gives me the most tube amp-like response. It has two 12ax7s on board, very useful tone controls, and an on-board compresser that helps provide useful control over dynamics. Seems to work equally well with single-coils and humbuckers. I sometimes put a Crybaby Classic in front of it, and sometimes a Boss BD-2 BluesDriver pedal for a little extra grind. I send the direct out of of the Womanizer -- which has a 12" speaker simulation"-- into a 'Y' splitter cord and then into an Mbox preamp and ProTools LE recording software. Reverb, delays and various other things are sometimes added via plug-ins within the software. Lately I've been using PSP's Vintage Warmer plug-in quite a bit as an overall sound enhancer. And I've enjoyed experimenting with the -- fairly radical for me -- PSP 84 Delay plug-in. Acoustic guitars (a Gibson J-100 Extra and a Taylor 812ce) are recorded with an AT-2020 and AT-2021 dual mic combination to stereo tracks, usually, but sometimes dual mono. These mics are not very expensive, but seem fine for my needs. Compression and e.q. are applied in the software.