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Thanks to the SC friends that took the time to listen and comment on all of the music and mayhem I've posted here through the years. It seems each week I see another friend has moved to other music hosting sites, but I cherish the people here on SC that have been loyal friends since we've met and especially to Tolgar and staff for keeping things going here. Some of my closest and dearest friends are here and you can visit their pages and hear some really amazing songs and soundscapes!
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Latin House Samba
Feel the beat...
Feel the beat...
Navigating Around SoundClick Nov 5
I copied and pasted from Rodrica's Blog: "Soundclick User Guide - Part 1 It all starts here: https://www.soundclick.com Top Left Hand Corner of the page: Blue Menu Button MUSIC CHARTS Menu> Music> Charts (choose from 16 genres) Within each genre there are sub-genres - click on genres (right of banner heading) & sub-genres appear. Want new song list? Menu> Music> Charts> (choose genre), go right of banner heading - default setting is popular first, to change this, click on popular first and choose newest from drop down menu. Newest releases will appear in a chart. FINDING A FAVORITE ARTIST/ADDING THEM TO YOUR FOLLOWING LIST Quick way to reach your favourite artists: Menu> Music> Followed Artists Want to delete an artist from your Followed Artists list? Click on their picture on your Followed Artists List - this takes you to their artist/music page. Then simply click on the following button to unfollow them. Made a mistake and want to re-add them? Click the Follow button on their artist/music page Found an artist you'd like to add to your Followed Artists List? Click on the follow button on their artist/music page. Cant find an artist on the site? Hit the search tab on the top right hand corner of the page & type in the artist name. A list of songs by the artist/s of that or similar names should come up. If you can see a song by the artist you want to visit, just click on their name under one of their songs and it will take you to their Artist/Music page. FINDING PROFILE/MEMBERS PAGES There are 2 main ways: Go to your own Profile/Members page: Menu> My Member Account> Profile Page if you think they are on what used to be called your friends list. Then click on following and you will get a list of members who were on your friends list. (You may also find them if you go to your Profile Page & click on followers (i.e. the members who are currently following you). If you still cant find them: Go to their Music/Artist page: Click on the more menu on their Artist Page banner header & you will get a list of options come up on the right of your page. Click on Artist Links & Data, then click on the name under the Admin heading - this will take you to their Profile/Members page. ADDING MEMBERS TO YOUR FOLLOWING LIST Want to add a Member to those you are following? Simply click on follow which you can find under their name on their Profile Page. Want them top of your following list? Make sure they are on your following list, then go to their Profile Page and click on pin - this will put them top of your list. Click on pinned/unpin to put them further down your list again. Can I put Members and Artists in a specific order on my lists? No, but there is a workaround: To put someone top of your ARTIST list: Go to their page click on unfollow, then click on follow again - this will put them top of your list (most recently followed always goes top of list) To put someone top of your MEMBER list: Go to their Profile page and unpin them, then pin them again - this will push them to the top of your list (most recently pinned always goes top of the list) HOW DO I POST A BLOG? Menu> Member administration> Profile> Blog> Add Blog Post Can I edit/delete my blog? Menu> Member administration> Profile> Blog> Edit button (right of your blog), then Edit> Save or Delete button (foot of page) Can I embed a player into my blog? Yes - Go to the Artist Page & look at the songs list. To the left of the song click on the menu tab (3 dots). From the options that come up on the left of your page click on share and copy & paste into your blog the code entitled Blog on Soundclick. Can I post a picture? Yes, but no animations. Make sure you have posted your blog & saved it first. Then go through the edit procedure to add a picture afterwards.