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Leif Willumsen
Leif Willumsen
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LWB - Leif Willumsen Bluesband Guitar and vocal - Leif Willumsen with various musicians mostly gathered from gigi to gig among musicians I have played with b
Beer drinkin woman
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Let it all go
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Chicken chat
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Mean Mistreater
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cant make love
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Cant make love
Leif Willumsen is from Copenhagen in Denmark. He has travelled on the road in Italy, France, Germany, Jugoslavia, and Greece in his younger days. Living as a trubadour and street musician for 10 years. He is inspired to play the Blues by the English Blues-musician Sam Mitchell who lived and played in Copenhagen for many years.
Band/artist history
In the summer of 2012 me and drummer Mickey Basso started a band together. We practiced just the two of us drums, guitar and vocals for 6 month. In January 2013 John Jensen joined the band as a bas player. Since then I had a lot of people playing with me. But coming April I will start to paractise with bass player nana Osibio and Keyboard player Carten Breum. Untill now without drummer. But I still do gigs with stand in musicians in the meantime.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
See more on our official website where you find all upcoming gigs. Click official web page under artist info to the left on the screen.
Your musical influences
Sam Mitchell was the one who got me into the Blues. He lived in Copenhagen for many years and I saw him play many times and talked to him too about music and life in general. Other influences are the beatles wich was the first band I listened to as a kid. But later its been blues artists like Jimmy Gordon, Lurrie Bell, Albert Collins, Albert King, B.B. King and so on. Old school Blues. Slow Blues is my favorite. Chicago style. But also older forms of Blues from the 30's But electric Blues is what I do with the band.
What equipment do you use?
Gibson SG 1968 and Fender 65 Super reverb reissue amplifier.
Anything else?
I just want to say that forming a band has been a great pleasure. Comming out to the people with your music is something I have missed from the old days on the road to hell and back. Now things start happening just by themselves because you keep playing and people like that. Thats how simple it is. About Genre: Genre is to music what language is to the spoken Word. And it go about the same bussiness, - namely exspressing yourself through music. And you often hear musicians say that they hate to be 'boxed in' and that they don't feel they belong to any known genre. But the Problem is that there are too many unidentified genres which people haven't even heard of. And when you ask musiciens to categorize their music they say that they play a mix of many genres. But certain people like certain genres and they search for music within that genre. So find a genre that fit your music.
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