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JAS The Freestyle Queen
real hip-hop everything from classic hip hop sounds, to club joints, smoke somethin music, joints for the ladies.
6 songs
2.6K plays
Bang Bang
Old Freestyle I spit...Gorrilla Pimp Whatz Good?
No Problem
strictly some mixtape shit
Get Dat Money
Like This
Song was Performed by JA$ on 106th and Park 'Wild Out Wednesday'
How I Do
Pimpin 101
JA$ aka The Freestyle Queen aka Jeresy's Own aka Go-Go aka North Star...the list goes on and on. Coming straight out of New Jersey, you have seen her on BET's 106th and Park, tearing up Freestyle Friday all the way to the Hall of Fame, and most recently shutting down Wild Out Wednesday performing "Like This". You've gotten to know her through her battles now get to know her music. Ladies all salute! JA$ is making music for the ladies that fellas have no choice but to feel. "I do it like I'm doing it for tv..." Now backed by blazin new producers on the scene J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, who have produced songs on Mary J. Blige new album "No One Will Do", Juelz Santana's new album "Rumble Young Man Rumble", and Young Jeezy's album "Don't Get Caught"...just to name a few. JA$ has much more lined up in the future, but what makes it all worth it is the love and support she gets from people everywhere.
Band/artist history
check the site www.freestylequeen.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love perfroming, any and everywhere. I love interacting with the crowd, I just want to make sure when I'm performing I'm surprassing everyone's expectations everytime and putting on a "show". Performing in Miami this spring during BET's Spring Bling 2006 was crazy!I was the only artist with a production deal perfroming amongst acts like Jamie Foxx, Lil Wayne, Three Six Mafia, Paul Wall, Juelz Santana.
Your musical influences
My father, R.I.P daddy, was the man that sparked my interest in music. Other then that my musical influences would have to be Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Nas (u know the usual)...but I'm a Jersey Girl so I get amped off DipSet, G-Unit, D-Block, Stack Bundles, Fabolous, A-Team. I like Lauryn Hill, Eve, Remy, Roxanne Shante (i used to idolize her skills, lol)...want to know more check out freestylequeen.com
What equipment do you use?
All I Need Is One Mic
Anything else?
check out the site www.freestylequeen.com or myspace.com/jasfreestylequeen...get at me. Dolla
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