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Da Shizzla
Da Shizzla
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just me, Da Shizzla. Da Shizzla. I do Stupid Stuff, make stupid songs, and make a joke of life. yeah. listen and download my songs with pride.
i'm Da Shizzla. i'm actually Jordan but no i'm not... yeah. when i get grounded i write stupid songs because i'm bored. and some other times too. idk what else to say. i write stupid songs and i make a joke of life. thats it. so yeah. the song "My Rap" is from my first CD "My Rap Stuff and Some Other Stupid Shit That I've Wasted My Free Time Making and You're Wasting Your Time Listening To so HA! Yeah Life Sucks... I Dont Know Why but It Just Works That Way". it was actually the first song that i recorded. ever. so eat it. please. Some songs like, "Detachable Penis", "Candy Shop", and "Doesn't Remind Me", are from my new CD "Detachable Penis - EP". that CD is the shit. in a good way. it's my EP album and it's amazing. so eat that too. i am currently working on a third CD. i dont know what it's gonna be called. but it sure as hell will be interesting. so you can just save your appetite for when that one comes out. Your idol, Da Shizzla
Have you performed in front of an audience?
ehhhh... no. unless you count little "samples" for my friends at school.
Your musical influences
uhhhh, well I guess Weird Al is a big one. he kicks ass. and comedians in general also.
What equipment do you use?
Fender Strat, Washburn WI-64DL, Alvarez acustic/electric, Garcia Classical guitar, a basic PercussionPlus drumset, a Roland-ED M-10 10 channel 5 stereo mixer, a Shure microphone, and a recording program called "Audacity 1.3".
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