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Dj Phoney
DJ & Producer Record Store Owner Vinyl Nerd Revolutionary
4 songs
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Treatment Dub
The Globe (feat. Cheese & Highsnow/D3Zs)
Collaboration between me and canadian MC Cheese this time also feat. Highsnow from Japan. A jazzy ass-kicking beat with tight rhymes for a reason.
Ave Satani (with International Criminal)
i did the instr while canadian mc int criminal does the raps
Sword Conversations
martial arts movies and d'n'b - do I need to say any more?
DJ & Producer mainly Hip-Hop & Reggae splendid sounds and conscious stuff prefered
Band/artist history
What began with scratching fairy tale records on daddys stereo in 78 at the age of five developed into a creative outburst within the following years. Always so obsessed with melodies, rhythms & lyrics, school was only a drag. As soon as it was over, his first bands came, where Dirk Borrman (as his real name is), played guitar at first, then sang and later played bass. All more or less rock-oriented stuff, while his mind has always been open to many musical styles. As he more and more began to dig the Roots of Black Music and got deeper into Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues and Reggae, the musical direction got clearer and clearer. What followed in the nineties were grooving instrumental Hip-Hop-tracks that were in a way comparable to the works of DJ Shadow or Dan the Automator. Besides that, DJ Phoney joined a Reggae Soundsystem for only half a year and then founded his own Voice of the People Sound in Cologne (2001), together with Selecta Natty Chris. The name was an open reminiscence to Prince Busters jamaican sound. The subject of poor mans struggling around the world was as important as the deepness of the music. Phoney, for years also an active revolutionary and supporter of the english Socialist Workers Party, still thinks that, although the relationship between music and politics has never been the easiest one, for him both belong together. Voice of the People lasted about 2 Â years and left a pretty good impression with their style of playing strictly Roots, Dub and Conscious Reggae and in a way opposing Dancehall-trends. In fact the impression was that good that the boss of one of their regular locations had to show at the towns administration one too many times â“ the place and the outside was simply too crowded. During the VOP-period DJ Phoney began putting together some instrumental dubs. Later he teamed up with half-brasilian Reggae-singer Eduardo and they recorded âœGenug davonâ쳌. Their co-operation is still active. This year they recorded three fine and rootsy conscious tracks (âœZukunftâ쳌, âœMr. Politikerâ쳌 & "Wahre VerÃnderung" (also feat. Lazy Youth) in the studio and work on another tune, while Edu is actively supporting the material with his growing live presence in germany. Expanding his work as a producer of splendid sounds, Phoney also worked with Mr. Kato, MC Cheese from Osaka and german based MC Timon Lee as well as Paul Smith at Burning Ear Studios. Currently he collaborates a lot with EmCee Lynx from San Francisco, whos just releasing his fifth album. DJ Phoney is someone you can really call a workaholic â“ when hes not hiding behind some hardware to squeeze the best out of keys, strings, modules and amplifiers, you can find the guy in a club playing a DJ-set, communicating with his musical comrades in struggle, promoting himself and them. And as if that wasnt enough already hes been writing for several magazines (from articles about working class struggle to music journalism) and publishes one on his own (Magazin fÃr KÃln und den Rest der Welt).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Did nearly 400 live-sets in the last four years. A hotel-roof, the cologne zoo, art exhibitions, bars, clubs and more. I got something out of every experience, no matter good or bad.
Your musical influences
The hell of a lot of different music. Those that matter the most here may be: DJ Shadow, Dan the Automator, DJ Krush, DJ Vadim, Roots Manuva, Chuck D, Paris, Curtis Mayfield, Lee Perry and countless more musical styles ranging from punk or chanson to early industrial and so on - just good music!
What equipment do you use?
2 MKII, Vestax Mixer, Midi-Keys, Bass, Guitar, Boss Dr. Rhythm Drummachine, Roland 303 and this and that music software
Anything else?
All I do is dedicated to the rebels with a sword - who still dare to stand against the rules of society - and to the rebels with a words - who still dare to break the stereotypes of todays hip hop clichees. You are an MC / singer and you got a real fresh and intelligent style (ghetto mafia clowns stay away, please), good rhyme flow and it happens that you like my beats - contact me; lets do a track together. It doesnÂt matter what your language is and believe me when I say, you neednt be from Broooklynn...
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