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Monty Flindall
Monty Flindall
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I am a singer/songwritter/musician/recording engineer. I hope you enjoy what I have created.Thanks for listening.
Better Days
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Don't Spill My Coffee
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I Can Lean On You
I have been a musician since the age of twelve,and play a little of everything, but mostly percussion/drums and vocals. I have played profesionally since 1984 with all kinds of bands from orchestras to heavy rock and I was recently involved with a childrens musical safety show from 1997-2004 (O.P.P. Bear Hug Band) that traveled around the province of Ontario, Canada and to Europe. I am presently enjoying freelance work with several bands and love recording in my studio. The songs that I have been writing are kind of a mix of pop,rock,and country.I hope you enjoy some of my songs. Thanks for listening.
Band/artist history
The longest running band I've been a part of was called Centerline, a country rock band which lasted eight years and a musical safety show that lasted 7 years. I've played and subbed in for several other bands around my area since 1984. I currently have four cd's released; Driven-12 tracks for $10.00, Settle Me-17 tracks for $10.00, Evolved-12 tracks for $10.00 and my latest album There Comes A Time-12 tracks for $10.00. Please feel free to contact me by E-mail for copies of these independently produced cd's.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performed accross the province of Ontario, Canada recently, and also have performed our safety show in Europe four times in the last four years for two week stints.I have performed professionally since 1984 with all kinds of bands in all kinds of places.
Your musical influences
Every one that has ever been musical. But if I had to pick one or two artists they would be Boston and The Everly Brothers.
What equipment do you use?
I use guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and voice.
Anything else?
I beleive that you can achieve anything with desire,knowledge and effort. If you put 100% into something you'll get 100% out of it!
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