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Brent Freeman Blair
Brent Freeman Blair
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6 Tracks
Desperate Days
Today #22 in Power Pop subgenre
In This World
Today #71 in Pop Rock subgenre
I Must Fly (Acoustic)
Peak position #76
September's Rain (with Jeff Learman on piano)
Peak in sub-genre #63
Peak in sub-genre #47
BRENT FREEMAN BLAIR Music with honest self-examination is a symbol of Brent Freeman Blair's self-creative power to hook you into every song. Uncomplicated and sincere...with a vocal style that will keep you wanting more. (CBC Radio) Out of Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada. After playing the bar scenes since the age of 16 (yes I was under age)...I found myself spending more time learning other musicians songs than finding the time to write my own. Job, family and personal commitments ended all that....doesn't it for most. Anyway now I spend most of my free time in my home studio doing what I consider to be the most inspiring aspect of what I have been doing in music thus far....writing and creating my own music. I presently have 20 some songs in various stages of construction and perhaps a bible worth of lyrics and melodies just waiting to be born into something I hope you enjoy. The songs I have on this page have all been recorded using a Delta Omni i/o Studio through a Delta 66 sound card on to Cakewalk Sonar (latest edition)running on Windows XP. Mastered with Ozone 3 Isotope. Waves Platinum Bundle. All guitars,vocals, bass guitar and drums are performed by myself one track at a time. I use Beta Monkey drums at www.betamonkeymusic.com (awesome) for all drum parts. Please do not hesitate to add a comment to my message board. I will return the favour. All the best Brent Freeman Blair (Music and Lyrics are copyrighted through the Library of Congress Copyright Office 2005)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
For many years, however I am strictly studio based for the meantime.
Your musical influences
David Gilmour, Max Webster, Gary Moore, Johnny Cash,Peter Gabriel, SRV,Myles Goodwyn(April Wine), Merle Haggard,Dave Grohl,Shane McConnell and many more
What equipment do you use?
2004 Gibson Firebird 1992 G&L Legacy Special 2003 Fender Strat Deluxe Plus 2003 Gibson Flying V Hamer 335 with '57 classics Ibanez Soundgear Bass Guitar Vox amplification Takamine EF 340 C Yamaha 12 String And a whole whack of borrowed stuff. What are friends for. (Thanks Sean)
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