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Melody Joy
Melody Joy
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Melody Joy a loud over-baring controversial yet cutesy and funsize electronic/dance artist. I produce my own beats, record them in my kitchen, mix, edit, DJ, m
Melody Joy a loud over-baring controversial yet cutesy and funsize electronic/dance artist. I produce my own beats, record them in my kitchen, mix, edit, DJ, make remixes, sing, rap, and write lyrics. My music is my baby and my way to vent creatively. I started soundclick to sell some of my awesome beats for a decent price. Alot of you have asked me for beats so this is a good outlet. I have been doing this awhile, and learning and expanding each day.
Band/artist history
I was heavily influenced by the Spice Girls, NSync and Britney Spears. As a child i had a big poppy adult sounding voice. I'd sing in my room infront of the mirror. It was the early 90's. There was very little internet, no myspace, or facebook. I continued to write raps, write music, I played guitar and was influenced by my childhood, and dreams of being a super star. I embraced by weirdness, and often ignored the kids in my school calling me annoying, or poking fun at the way i dressed and the things that came out of my mouth. at 16 i found an old music mixing program in my basement.. and i began to make really crappy techno beats, and mashup's. I stuck with it.. got better and better and used my RockBand mic to start recording. I then upgraded, invested and got better equipment. I know make my own songs, have an album coming out, strong internet presence, and a fan base. It was a long journey though.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play alot of shows. Coolest moment ever, hanging out with Afro Man in the VIP, drinking colt 45, and smoking. I got to have 2 good friends and my mom with me too so i could once feel like a semi-star and bask in the moment. I got to open for him.. and that was a highlight. He's a legen. I've done shows just about everywhere in Pittsburgh, and in Ohio. I am currently trying to book for shows in DC, Florida, New York, LA and anywhere else i can get. Even talks of a Euro-tour. Either way as long as i can perform, even for 2 people.. i am greatful because it's fun and it's my music.
Your musical influences
I have alot of musical lovers. I often feel like a boy sometimes... in the things i feel, the way i present myself.. so Blink 182, Nirvana, Misfits, Amy Winehouse, Marylin Manson have all been close to the heart. I love metal bands, hardcore, indie, punk, crust punk.. it brings out my rebellious side and often these shows are places where i can be myself and not be judged. I am STRONGLY influenced by the 80's, david Bowie, Cher, Madonna, Billy Idol, Ace of Base..the roller rink days of the late 80's. I love the classic 60's rock.. like the Doors, The Beatles, the Clash, the Kooks, and grew up on my fathers taste of music my modern influences have been Nsync, Britney, Madonna, Robyn, Luciana, Peaches is one of my favorites, i constantly get compared to Lady Gaga, so i would say she's been a big idol in the message she gives, the content, the fashion and she's also an Italian like me. I love DJ's... and the Party Monster Soundtrack has began my techno awakening. Benni Benassi, MSTRKRFT, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Paul Okenfold And i can't forget my craving for fantasy, conspiracy, extra-terrestrials, outer space, HORROR MOVIES, and Comic Books. My inner nerd is a strong influence for anything i do.
What equipment do you use?
Protools version 8, an M-Audio Key Studio, i have a blue snowball mic and also a Blue Spark, I use FL Studio. Spin Tables and a Torq, Magix Music Maker Delux 16.
Anything else?
i am very positive, but also very pessimistic and self doubting. I am a cartoon. I am an alien. I am whatever i want to be. But most importantly, i am an outcast. A dark, emotional person... not a stereotype. I crave electronic music... and any music with true artistic value and meaning. I am a fighter, and i polarize alot of people. But none the less i am a cutesy life size power puff girl. My looks are deceiving ;)
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