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The Colors of Spring
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A song about the handiwork of God in His creation of spring
Pop - Contemporary Christian
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Daniel James Martinusen
June 12, 2007
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Story behind the song
I wrote this song one spring morning while admiring the work of God in His creation. As I listened and looked around at the many things coming to life, I could see His invisible qualities and divine nature, and was moved to write about it.
(Verse 1) I love the colors of green In the early months of spring The handiwork of God Inspires me to sing (Chorus) Sunlight dancin’ on the water In vessels molded by the potter Heaven’s glories all around Creation making joyful sound Tall grass dancin’ in the breeze Peaceful swayin’ of the trees I praise the God who gave us life He holds us all together tight While he paints the pretty colors of spring (Verse 2) The buds begin to grow And the flowers start to bloom Reminding me that God Will be takin’ us home soon (Repeat chorus)