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Nobody Loves You When You're Old
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The waster is at the end of life, he's never given or received love but there's more anger and resentment than understanding in his position. Graeme sings with Rebsie Fairholm on backing vocals
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Pop - Musical
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February 12, 2018
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Nobody Loves You When You're Old (Hobbs/Langford) © AmokOpera 2007 Nobody loves you when you're old Let's talk about the good old days Before the bluebirds flew away And left the sky so flat and grey Endless summer, wasted youth Endless summer, what's the use? The world just loves to eat its young Chews them up and spits them out Flying high sweet bird of youth Up above the cold hard ground Here comes the winter Here comes the cold Nobody loves you when you get old When the children come to call Love's in such short supply Hardly talk to you at all How long before you die? How did you get here You'll never know Wasted youth So long ago You feel so young inside your head But your body lets you down It won't be long before you're dead Down in that cold hard ground You could have loved them If truth be told Nobody loves you when you get old
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