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A musical pot-pourri
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A Beginning
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I Had to Marry You
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It's a Rotten Job (but someone's got to do it)
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Well Fair State
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AmokOpera is a project originally conceived by ex Tricks Upon Travellers singer Graeme Hobbs to bring rock operas into the contemporary arena. Ex-TUT guitarist Dick Langford arranged, orchestrated and produced the music. A number of other musicians have also been involved and are listed under the various songs. The initial plan was a single project but over the years has developed into an umbrella title for a number of ideas. At time of writing (June 2017) two operas have been completed and a third (A Distant England) is nearing completion. The first of these "operas" is "The Lottery of Life" and is the story of life as seen through the eyes of a number of characters. It's also about how having a dream come true may not end how you think. From conception to death this musical play with its collection of songs, music and sharp dialogue draw a picture of working class Britain in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. It explores the cult of celebrity, the desire for money and the emptiness of modern life. Just what we want, mind-numbing souvenirs of the daily grind. The songs are, in order : Overture (as yet unfinished) A beginning I had to Marry You. It's a Rotten Job (but someone's gotta do it) Well Fair State Stick Vote for Me The Seduction of Corruption Lottery of Life Flesh is Weak As She Is The Real United Nations Nobody Loves You When You're Old Brown Bread The second of the musical plays is "Celebrity Torture" and deals with the search for fame and its consequences. The songs are ... The Alternative Ending From the Safety of My Sofa Death Goes Shopping Hello Magazine When Obscurity Beckhams Midnight Train The Sausage Factory of Fame Superstar Shangri-La Dimwitted House of Straw The Fairytale of Rock Rebellion Swansong Lullaby The third opera is called A Distant England. This is a view of England seen from Graeme's home in Spain where he has been since 2000. The songs posted so far Distant England The Time of Morris Men Again Children's Favourites? The Likes of Us The Butcher's Bill Jolly England As Harrison Said
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