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Ode to the Dove (original)
was inspired by a poster in a storefront in 1969/70 that I used to see almost daily which stated "What if they gave a war and nobody came?"
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Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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db 1970. 1975, 2005
September 11, 2005
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Story behind the song
This song has had many different incarnations -- the music has changed many times over the years. The words remained mostly the same except for those mentioned below until I completely rewrit the song (see revised version). The exact name of the month in the song has changed repeatedly between September and November ... and altho I have sung September for most of the years since I wrote the song, I have decided to include the most commonly sung alternate lyrics of my songs (indicated by a slash or parenthesis).
Copyright 1970, 1975, 2005 dbsongs One day in September/November some men got together they decided to (try and) destroy the peace time they picked up the dove and they gave her a shove but they forgot most doves can fly ,,, They began to enlist by the word, then the fist (gift) they tried to convince men to die they threatened, they tried but we saw thru their lies and, of course, it was no surprise chorus when nobody came, nobody came nobody came to their war when nobody came, nobody came nobody came to their war For the people they knew when one war in through it means only another’s to come war, peace never brings only hate and bitter feelings ... chorus and that’s why nobody came, nobody came nobody wanted to be just a pawn in their game nobody came, nobody came and they say the world was never the same .... GDFC GDC (more or less)
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