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Tightrope Walker
Truth is stranger than fiction ...
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Acoustic - Acoustic General
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db 1982, 2005
September 10, 2005
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3:35 minutes
Just a tightrope walker with the Circus Sons/Suns Mama rides the horses me -- I ride the one/wand Hear the lightning thunder See rocks turn into clay Always knew I'd be here ... God showed me the way refrain (instrumental only) Down south in Arizona beneath a cactus plain a river runs so ghostly drivin me insane It winds its way up northward until it reaches day Riverwell of fire -- son of Saruman refrain (instrumental only) There's children in the trenches the fire in their eyes the rhythm of their heartbeat denying all the lies 10,000 unsung voices all whispering in tune Completing all the knowledge they learned inside the womb/Moon/wound refrain / instrumental solo just a tightrope walker ....
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