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Katrina Relief Effort (All We Can Do) demo #3
Tell us if you want it. The more requests, the faster we'll make the MP3 available. ALL proceeds will go to Katrina relief! Vote early, vote often! This is a work in progress. Thanks!
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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September 14, 2005
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2:25 minutes
Story behind the song
A work in progress (oh, yes, there will be more!) for the victims of hurricane Katrina. We need to know if it's some thing you'd be willing to part with your hard-earned cash while supporting a good cause. EVERY PENNY will go to several relief organizations. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! If you have a song that is raising money for victims of Katrina, let's know and we will download it! Just leave the info on our message board for others to see. Thanks for your contribution.
All We Can Do © Tilley / Wenner 2005(9/05/2005) This city of life, This city of pride, This city of strength, That will survive... Chorus All we can do is do all we can, All we can lend is a helping hand,(or: for every child,woman, and man) All we can do is do all we can, A million stories, And millions have cried, By the hands(or: the power) and the glory, This city will rise... Chorus This city, this city of dreams... Guarded by the Maid of Orleans... She is standing by your side... She will be your guide... Chorus All we can give,is give all we can... All we can mend is this promised land... No time for blame, this is where we stand... Chorus
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