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The Coastal Cowboys
The Coastal Cowboys
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Laid-back-country-flavored-POP, Alt. Country, Dance, Jungle, Commercial, Soundtrack
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Just CLICK on the album cover or anywhere below... Howdy! The Coastal Cowboys are a couple of songwriters striking out on our own. Currently, we have a CD out on SeaTone Records that is available at CDBaby and Tower Records on-line. Be sure to contact us for representation concerning the sale or lease rates on our copyrighted tunes. Thanks for listening!
Band/artist history
SB: You're looking at it, so far. FB: Well, a little more than that actually. Since I'm known for my abusive verbosity, I'll add to this one. We'd been talking about playing together for many years. About a year ago I asked Squint and a neighbor (now a singer for The Frayed Band in the South Bay) of mine if they would sing on some demos I wanted to do. My voice is average with little range. I finally wrote a bunch of songs and in March 2005 went to Squint's to debut them. He gave me the thumbs up and said let's get it done or he was going to steal them and record them. Well, I'm not sure if Squint liked all of them, but he did seem to like some of them. And then, Daddy got Reuben to sell our songs and it really got together when Mom sang along. In May 2005, we recorded our first demo, Honey, I Do (Ver 1). It was a live take and sounds quite different from our Ver. 4. Started to call the 'group' E2 in May 2005, but we did not want those fellows from U2 riding our coattails to the top! While Squint and I have a lot of common ground, we are quite different. Our bond is great music, capitalism, and truth. The songs I write many times end up with a country feel (not intentional) and since we grew up near the opposite coast, the Coastal Cowboys came into being. Early August demo She Fixes Me (ver. 5) was ready. The songs will keep coming, so please check back!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
SB: Not yet... FB: We're planning on getting some material down first, an album's worth. It will take some time because of the distance between Studio Otto and SeaTone Ranch Studio. Right now I'm playing live mostly in the shower and also at Club 405 in my car. For now we have our 'Band under Construction' sign up. Unfortunately we have virtually no time to rehearse since we both have two other jobs. Fortunately, we been real productive when we do get together. When we do go live, it will be a multimedia extravaganza, a feast for the ears, eyes, and the soul if you will.
Your musical influences
SB: Bill Nelson, John Foxx, The Pillows!, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, Ricky Scaggs, Elvis Costello, The Divine Comedy, The Floyd, Art Reynolds... the list goes on! FB: Do you have an hour? We weren't born yesterday. Really, there are many that have had an impact on my life. Here are some I've liked a good deal: The Beatles, Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, Badfinger, Big Star, Byrds, Bob and Bruce, BeBop-Deluxe, Bill Nelson, The Eagles, Fountains of Wayne, John Hiatt, Elton John, King's X, Joe Walsh, Paul Simon, Pernice Brothers, Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Pretenders, The Replacements, Semisonic, Tom Verlaine, The Who to name a few. The common thread I see is that nearly all of them are great songwriters.
What equipment do you use?
SB: Our first single was recorded with Aria Professional Electric guitars. Here's a list of my personal collection and their nics; Aria ThorSound 600 (Thor) Aria PE-SPL-DX-SD (Amber) Aria MM-20 Gypsy-Jazz (Django) Electra #2281 Maple Pro signed by Bill Nelson(Blondie) '76 Electra Elvin Bishop Model (Elvira) Washburn D104SCE (Honey) Washburn EA20 Festival (Lil'Festus) Washburn EA20-12 string (Big Festus) Washburn D66 Prairie Song Custom (Prairie) Fender Squire P-bass (Boo-Boo) Agile AL 2500 12-string D'aquisto Centura (Angel) FB: We use many brands of guitars, but, we are open to any endorsements (i.e. free equipment). No really, we actually use a lot of latest techno old retro vintage new stuff. Right now we are using Aria, Ibanez, Washburn, Fender, Epiphone, Electra, and Alvarez guitars and Korg and Roland recording equipment. Flint's Guitar Armada includes: '76 Ibanez LP Custom (Snow White w gold hardware) '76 Alvarez-Yairi Acoustic (Lark) '84 Squire Stratocaster (Godfrey) '97 Epiphone Dot (Emiko) '02 Fender Stratocaster (Sunny) '05 Aria PE-90 Anniversary (Annie) '01 Ibanez GSR-200 Bass (Jewel)
Anything else?
SB: Don't forget to boogie. FB: Yeah, we code name our guitars with babe names like Amber, Annie, Emiko, Sunny, Jewel, etc. (though I do have a guitar named Godfrey, as in My Guitar, Godfrey, and she was actually a babe, but I decided to use her last name so it wouldn't get confused with this other girl with the same name that is not deserving of having a guitar named after her, if you know what I mean).
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