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Another "I love her, she doesn't notice me" song. It has a bluesy feel and attitude, but doesn't follow any blues format we're familiar with. What do you think?
Lease - $25
Blues - Blues Rock
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A. Karpinski
2019 A. Karpinsli BMI all rights reserved
May 17, 2019
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3:28 minutes
Story behind the song
Wrote and recorded in 2004, finally mixed it down in May 2019.
Intro verse: Love lifts me like an ocean swell Except when I'm by myself in love It's got me feeling low Verse 1: Love lifts me like a falcon soaring Except when she's ignoring my love Doesn't notice my love Overlooks my love It hurts Bridge 1: Dream castles in the air Love's supposed to carry me there But right now love's so unfair Chains me down to the stone It's got me feeling low Verse 2: Love lifts me like a lofting kite Except after she denies my love Doesn't want my love Turns her back to my love It hurts Bridge 2: Please, God, open her eyes Make her heart realize My burning deep inside Give me a spark of hope So I won't feel so low Outtro: Low, low, low (four times) Copyright 2004 A. Karpinski, BMI, all rights reserved.