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Stone Marmot
Nouveau retro pop rock music: Definitely rock, fairly pop, somewhat retro, and a bit more experimental. http://www.stonemarmot.com
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It's Time To Split
Often life gives you a warning it is time to run.
The Klutz
A new dance craze?
Golden Rule
What ever happened to The Golden Rule, where you treat all people as you would want to be treated? That is the subject of this song.
Discusses the hazards of male-female relationships.
Let Me In
Imagine Alexa or Siri singing to you! The vocals in this song were all generated by a computer!
It's Time To Split
Our music is the result of not watching TV for over 30 straight years. That's right! The person who writes all our songs hasn't had a working television in his house since January, 1982. Scary, isn't it! That could explain the somewhat retro, rather experimental feel to the music, which has been described as sounding somewhere between Buddy Holly, The Ramones, The B-52s, and They Might Be Giants. This CD is an object lesson in how warped and depraved a television-starved mind can get. And that's not all! To make matters worse, since no self-respecting human would stoop low enough to play this stuff, he suckered four poor, innocent cartoon characters into recording his music. Cartoon characters have it tough enough as it is, with people laughing at them all the time, without having to be subjected to this! His poor, unfortunate victims, who refer to themselves collectively as Stone Marmot, are: Cindy: Guitars Sid: Keyboards, guitars, lead and backup vocals Sammy: Bass, lead and backup vocals Bruce: Percussion, backup vocals This quartet played their little paper hearts out as the ignoble fiend who created them and their music practically produced and engineered them to death. Therefore, for the sake of the cartoons, we hope you give their music a good listen and try to appreciate their tireless and selfless efforts. Please! Don't let this happen to you or someone you love! Be sure you and your loved ones receive a healthy minimum dose of television each and every day.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No. It is hard for cartoon characters to get gigs.
Anything else?
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Reminds me of Zappa and the early Mothers of Invention - catchy rhythms, good lyrics and melodically atonal ( does that make any sense?)
nashville gets it, LA don't? having lived in nashville for 4 years now, i'm not sure what they get around here. enjoyed your tunes, though. --stockwrock
"Toby the wonder cat", is a very cool and imaginative song. I dig it. You should rate me too. Check out my new track,"So what domestic".
I ran into your tune on the Acoustic Latest upload Chart. Good job. I like it!
I want to be you when I grow up....
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