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Pop - Adult Contemporary
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Paul Killington
NorthStar Music Publishing Ltd
January 03, 2019
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2:07 minutes
Story behind the song
Thanks to Unsplash.com for the song picture.
This little song is for all the dogs throughout the world who have suffered at the hands of humans. These animals evolved with our help, to become our companions, but have been betrayed many times over. 'Harmless' We're harmless in the world Everybody knows How our lives unfurled That's the way it goes We're here because of you And we became your friends You told us what to do Now we're loyal to the end Darker days are here How can you be so cruel? Now we live in fear Cos you always make the rules It's easy to be kind Much harder to be bad Just look and you will find The love we always had... © Paul Killington
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