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In My House Theres A Room Full Of Bodies!
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Released on online EP Outlawed Outsider!, July 2017. Full EP on Bandcamp.
Metal - Alternative Metal
Danny Ramirez
Danny Ramirez
July 28, 2017
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Story behind the song
'This is a short mid tempo song about a guy who ran out of space in his garden to bury the victims of his nightly murder sprees. So to get rid of the dead nonetheless, he begins stuffing them in one of the rooms of his house. The lyrics are set to an uplifting melody composed with just chords in a major key. As for the music it sounds somewhat folk or country alike. Maybe leaning a bit towards Mexican traditional music, but with a flow instead of a drive. In My House! got its live debut on June 30, 2017, although with different lyrics in the first verse.'
Chorus: In my house there's a room full of bodies Killing people is one of my hobbies Ev'ry once in a while I may add A fresh corpse to the room of the dead I used to bury them corpses outside After I took 'em home in the night When my garden filled up with the dead I needed something instead Chorus The garden turned into a graveyard I didn't have to think hard And up from the next murder night I took them bodies inside Chorus
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