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I Dig A Shallow Grave In Which You Will Decay!
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Released on online EP Back With A Dungeon!, August 2016. Full EP on Bandcamp.
Metal - Alternative Metal
Danny Ramirez
Danny Ramirez
October 07, 2016
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Story behind the song
'This country tune is about a murderer who takes his shovel with him when he goes out in the weekend. He buries his victims in shallow graves, and claims to have done so on numerous occasions. In the past this song has been played live a few times under its oriignal title I Take The Shovel And Dig Next To Where You're Lain! at all three of Danny's June 2012 gigs, with its first ever performance on June 1st. In July 2016 the title got changed (and with it one line of the refrain).'
These long and dusty roads I traveled Have dug me many shallow graves It's been so many I lost track of And I don't know how much still wait Chorus: I am here to murder and I am here to stay 'Cause when I killed somebody I can't just walk away So I dig a shallow grave in which you will decay It's not a proper burial, but still it's quite okay If I decide your time has come Then I shall make sure it will I take my shovel and my gun This weekend I need time to kill Chorus
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