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Enter the Cave Meet the Undine
This is a revived piece recorded in The Studio over a 7 year period from 1998 to 2005. It has sat on the shelf since then and I found it today and finalised the master. It is a huge work with some great players contributing.
World - World Fusion
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David Pendragon Bill Hall
David Pendragon Bill Hall
July 12, 2014
MP3 14.3 MB
320 kbps bitrate
6:13 minutes
Story behind the song
The music is in two sections Enter the Cave and Meet the Undine. In the fist piece we take the journey into a mystical shoreline cave, drawn by the sound of the urgent drums and dripping water. The second piece we meet the inhabitants of this magical land, The Undine, the Merfolk and the Selkie. Keyboards: David Pendragon Drums: Donovan Gall Vocal: Natalia Christiana Guitars on Undine Bill Hall Guitar on Cave: Ernie Van Veen Bass: Bill Hall Engineered Producer Mixed and Mastered by David Pendragon at The Studio.
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