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When I'm in Your Arms (Voc. Taylor Jordan)
This ballad is multi genre with mostly acoustical instruments. But it's the vocal performance of Taylor Jordan that sends shivers down my spine. This 19yr old has the maturity of a seasoned singer, visit at, www.soundclick.com/taylorjordan
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Evan Paul Kozaris
December 11, 2008
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Story behind the song
The lyrics were written by myself with the help of a friend, Susan Buckingham. It's from a girl's perspective, questioning, is it the start of something? Real love? Or just a need to be with someone?
WHEN I'M IN YOUR ARMS (Evan Paul Kozaris, Susan Buckingham) I was thinking about the night we spent together Whether we could make it last How everything seemed to point to forever Leaving the past ...in the past Last night you took away every sense of reason...might have had...not to let go Today I find myself not knowing where to turn to I guess it's not my time to know _________ CHORUS Is it love...tell me.., yea love? Or/for/ 2 lonely people seeking refuge/shelter/ In each other’s arms Tell me is it love... yea love? I may never have the answer All I know is , I'm adrift in your charms When I'm in your arms __________ We must take our time to build a strong foundation Or it will quickly fall apart My head tells me … pull back...take it slowly But I choose to listen to my heart And it all seems...so overwhelming Yet I know, it feels so right In my life, I've been running all directions, Oh.. but this feeling's hard to fight CHORUS SOLO CHORUS
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