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The Axe Aboard Would Bring Misery!
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Song about the Katwijk aan Zee murder case known as De Gekkenlogger. The KW171 was a lugger ship on which a couple of people were killed in September 1915 by one of the crew mates who thought the devil was among them.
Metal - Alternative Metal
Danny Ramirez
Danny Ramirez
June 30, 2012
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The KW171 Sailed out in the early morning sun Fishermen they were meant to be Fearing God and the North Sea In the open sea after some days One of the fishermen got insane The axe aboard would bring misery Murder arose from insanity And three were killed on the North Sea The legend tells that the fisherman thought He slaughtered the Devil in the name of the LORD And it is said that he lowered all sails Safely in the hands of God, He won't fail For days and nights they floated on Praying to survive And singing hymns to praise the LORD And his son Jesus Christ Their prayers were heard And let by God's hand The fishing boat washed ashore On the coast of England The streets of Katwick are silent now About what happened ten decades ago Out on sea blood was shed Dead bodies on the upper deck The fishermen went to hell and back
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