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Time Unfolds So Slow
Psychedelic Pop Rock. A song about Time and Space.
Pop - Power Pop
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David A Briggs
David A Briggs
December 06, 2011
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4:38 minutes
Story behind the song
Another song that developed from a totally different idea. Sometimes as recording progresses, songs take on a life of their own and dictate how it should go forward. I'm only the vessel somtimes in cases like this. It's great to see how it ends up. A special note to any Bill Nelson fans . . .'Space Ranch'. You'll know what I mean. I used the Parker Fly guitar throughout this recording.
Time Unfolds So Slow. David A Briggs c 2011. Looking into the future, let's all embrace the past. Rocket-ships and Steam trains, the time runs out so fast . . . I sit watching the Heavens, I'd like to dive far below. Telescopes and submarines, Time unfolds so slow . . . spoken. "We have monitored your electronic ways for many years, and are captivated by sound of the instrument that you call the electric guitar. Also we wish to meet with the leader of the Earth species that are known as Whales. Their messages have been travelling through time and space for many thousands of years". . . Time unfolds so slow ... Time unfolds so slow ... Time unfolds so slow ...
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