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alexandria, va  USA Joined June 2004
Haven't recorded or written anything in years. Unfortunately, a large number of songs are missing due to a server migration soundclick did some years ago. I've dug up everything I had saved and uploaded it. I don't know if I'll ever record again, though I hope to. The fire just hasn't been there and I've been in a years long writer's block as I've reached many other goals in the last 5 years.
I'm coming back Feb 15, 2011
For those interested, I will be coming back. Just finishing up school and I'll be back in full swing. Gonna set up my equipment in my closet with some soundproofing to get the best result from my recordings and hopefully learn a little more in the production area to make it sound more professional. Anybody interested in doing a song let me know. I won't be charging for collaboration just yet so get your fill. When I do start charging, it'll probably be around 40 per song. I'll even write a verse for you. I charge 30 dollars a verse. 15 dollars a hook. If you don't have the means to produce your own work and all you've got is a mic and the stock sound recorder/garage band on your pc/mac, send me your recordings and I'll be glad to do some work with it. I'll charge 50 per 8 hours spent. I will email you pieces of your completed work and you can tell me what you want changed or tweaked and I will do my best. At minimum for doing business I would charge 25, satisfaction or not. I will be starting my paypal up as that will be the only way I will accept payment. Any questions feel free to leave a message here.