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Pretoria, GT  South Africa https://www.soundclick.com/prowalezinto Joined April 2019
This should be played in high volume.
I make anything I put my mind to, , but my main things are POP, R&B, HIP HOP and HOUSE music. I am hugely influenced by Alex Worldwide, Kanye West, Timbaland, Questlove, TakeADaytrip, J Dilla, Pierre Bourne, Q-Tip, J.U.S.T.I.C.E., WheezyBeats, J Cole, Elite, Boi 1da, Anatii, Metro Boomin, Wichi 1080, Wondagurl, Miss Badu, Jetsonmade, Glasper and others.
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Trap Mali (Unofficial) with Paradigm
Hard, fun and easy listening trap music. Upbeat, groovy and mellow with gripping, bright vocals over crisp effects. ''This song makes people really feel happy bro.. It is pure energy."
continued from PART 2 SC:Tell me about your influences. PW: I have quite a lot of them hey.. I could go on for a minute. But just to be brief, I look up to producers like Alex Worldwide first and foremost. He's my brother and we grew up together and made music together. I look up to him because he has always inspired me to do and be more, like I always know there is room for growth when I'm around him because I see it in the way our processes are different, our motivations and also our intentions with it. That honestly gives me a window to view someone else's life in but also to view mine because we talk to each other too so he'll tell me ''This is what I like about this'' or ''Nah B that's whack ntwana.'' We are super comfortable with being honest and open with one another too so that is different to say a homie that's gassing you up only to get a beat someday... so they are nice and extra-cordial with you. That's cap sometimes because what I want and need have to different consequences on my outcome and I feel like we should be unapologetically attentive, conscious of surroundings and ourselves and honest with each other as artists artisting. Overall, I would say my influences are as broad as the oceans but specific to most of what happens in and around Hip Hop culture, which takes from Blues, Jazz, that funk disco music as well as Soul. I make anything I put my mind to, but right now I'm listening to Rapsody's new Eve album and that has enough content to span decades of history, which actually I feel is my biggest influence. History is a huge part of why I move the way I do. I come from great names in Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rnb, Gospel and even Kwaito culture and I always pay homage to the advances of their efforts in their spaces. I bump a lot of Badu, I study a lot of Robert Glasper, a lot of trap music (Gunna, Lil Baby, SmokePurpp, Rich, Carti, Uzzi, XXXTentacion), some Meek, all of Cole, most of K.Dot, and almost all African music. You'd be surprised though how random my influences are outside the ones mentioned! Imagine Emily Mitchel in this cauldron. SC:What equipment do you use? PW:Drums and such kits: TR808, 909, XLN Audio XO, Steven Slate Drums, TM88 DirectWave 808 machine Keyboards: Arturia Analog Lab, Korg Monopoly and MS-20, Roland Juno, JV, JX, JUPITER, PROMARS, SYSTEM 1, 8 and 100, SRX WORLD, SRX ORCHESTRA, D-50 and SH 101. Minimogue and the original Moog One Mixing and Mastering Waves SSL Mixing Boards, Arturia Compressors, Soundtoys Analog Audio Processors + a whole lot more things I'm forgetting right now. SC: Anything else? PW: Follow my YouTube to see these things I'm forgetting now in action!! I'll be creating a whole ''IN THE MUSIC'' series soon so watch for that! Follow me on SoundCloud, Beatstars, Instagram, Facebook and stay up to date with my content. I DO FREE GIVEAWAYS A LOT SO DON'T SNOOZE. If you can send an email to me or get your email address to me I'll make sure FREE products land on your inbox everytime. Beyond that, Shout out my mom wherever she is right now. Shout out my followers and fans, ones I do and do not know yet - I love yall ! stay safe and dangerous, stay humble in your greatness, and stay living your best life possible , and that's living through everyday!