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Nathaniel Sconiers
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Indianapolis, IN  United States Joined March 2019
Money Ambition Bureau iz an org not a crime sindakit intel unit i only mess w/ the best this is the law part of the M.A.B. it doesnt have tu deal w/ any of its affiliates tht iz connected tu M.A.B. the other orginization has its own strengths i refuse tu let it b subtle tu anybody for any reason. The civilian side of it deals w/ Music Ambition Business only. My Pentagon side tht deals w/ the Squadron im in is Money Ambition Bureau n bn Misfits And Bandits this is our Squadron we have no affiliation w/ the navy seals n its counter parts we are above them as 1 unit its a new building tht has tu deal w/ Movie Ambition Bureau n Music Ambition Bureau since life iz an LP Lyrical Pre_lude.com will be running shortly after i get side tu the Counter Terrorist Unit im the Cmdr of this Org ne quest tht u have feel free tu keep it tu yuself n not try nething operable. im proud of my affiliates n my team 4 bringin this tu life M.A.B. was the beginning tu end disrespect it became much larger thn tht 1ce i started thinkn of a master plan thtl work for the Industry in whole since it became bigger i became proud tu end end situations none the less tht shouldn't b occurring daily 4 youth tu live obstructed lives thts aggravated criminal confinement . thx
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