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Ron Milazzo
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Chicago, IL  USA https://www.soundclick.com/nomoneyblues Joined October 2017
Nature is the only true reality. Man's only enemy is himself as the Bible revealed. Evil can only exist through deception with your compliance.
Togetherness, just not really there Jan 20
It's funny how I am so alone if I don't join -or rather how did we all get so disjoined? -Or joined in half capacities as it seems any unity out there is, from what I see, but based on what, what unions are out there anyway? I may just not know where a good union is, -possibly a good church. Is there some kind of unofficial union as well, like an unspoken concensus? I bet there is. I'm going to guess we all need some of that to have some kind of cohesion in our society, in public. Which at times may be lacking when folks revert to some kind of previous state, primitive state, but I'm not really sure what that means. I seem to border on this (undefined) state myself, I do not feel a part like I know could be in daily interactions in society, and I do maybe fake it some but it is for wanting the best experience, I have been rude before and did not lke that experience. Like road rage as an example. We are so together physically, almost like beehives in some areas of the world, but what is this, what drives this? What drives anything these days? Money? Is everything about money and the higher the cost of living the more so? Of course, and even if there was some sort of pure union out there how could it ever conflict with that?! Who could rise above the enslavement money has on the world, or who can become 'disjoined' from it enough to do so? A homeless person? ... And all of us are disjoined from our original state anyway, before money enslavement, what ever we originally were, or our ancestors were, -even the money masters are enslaved by money. Anyway I'm pretty sure all this is covered in the Bible and for me to lament so here is probably wrong. I have to give these things to a higher power but it's hard to take, it's hard to see such a miserable world and a higher power that sometimes seems so vacant or missing in action, -things I don't get, this world is a wreck and we must just accept that with some kind of promise of a better life in an after life, that's a hard one. Yeah, that's covered in the Bible as well, it's called long suffering and prayer and just plain doing good regardless, not knowing the ways of things beyond us, beyond the obvious wretchedness. I dunno. - Ron Milazzo, Jan. 20, 2023.