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Steven Michael Johnson
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Charleston, WV  USA Joined July 2013
Name: BlurEVision Yrs Active: 2003-Present CDs: Only God Can Judge Me Mixtape(2003), Game of Death Mixtape(2004) Late Night Creepin' Mixtape(2006) MR. 304 Mixtape(2008)** Label: Mid-Atlantic Records(Self-Owned) I used to be an artist here in WV up until 2009 when I retired from Rapping.. Now However, I'm following my dream as being a producer.. I love making instrumentals so I can watch others peoples talent blossom over my beats, it's an awesome feeling.. My biggest influences are Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The Neptunes, Timbaland & a whole lot of others.. So, take a listen & let me know what you think of my music.. If you like them and want to buy a beat or two or three, then we'll talk money! Holla at me.. The Price of my beats range from 50 to 80 dollars a beat.. If the beat(s) have a "**" by them the beat(s) is cheaper than $50.. So, Contact me at blurevision@gmail.com if interested!