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DETROIT , MI  USA Joined December 2012
Larry Mckinney known to most as Carlos but in the hip hop world as O-ZONE NORTH.O-ZONE NORTH started his music career long before he had one.Growing up on the east side of Detroit MI, son to Denise Mckinney the oldest of 6. O-ZONE NORTH was inspired by his mother and step father choice of music , from Marvin Gay,J.J. Fad to Run DMC , O-ZONE NORTH wold sometime imagine that he was LL Cool J and rap his songs in his room and at school for his friends at that time he was only 8 years old. O-ZONE NORTH wold go with his step father often too see family but like most poor family in Detroit hard times hit,his step father wold become addicted to drugs and mother wold spiral into a depression.This lead O-ZONE NORTH to started writing his own material.As the years went on things went up and down for his family but it was when his step father was gunned down in 1993 that O-ZONE NORTH lyrics wold seen too grow dark but it wold be a faze from the hurting pass. After he move to Minnesota at 19 then going by (PRODECKIAL CHILD) O-ZONE NORTH quickly adapted to the north side of Minneapolis hip hop seen. Proforming at the Read Sea O-ZONE NORTH found his sound and a independent label found him,the company was FULL MOON ENT. They shaped O-ZONE NORTH'S style but he was not satisfied with his stage he wasted something that wold fit his new home and art form.Taking from the ozone layer and putting north at the end from Minneapolis he now is ready for the world.
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Days Of Our Lives
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X V how much for the beat bro?